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Producing Asia’s Most Authentic

New York Bagels

Spread the Bagel was born from the simple hunger pains faced by Christine Asuncion, a young American who studied Mandarin and Economics and worked as a teacher in Shanghai. While she loved Shanghai, she yearned the New York bagels, schmear and smoked fish she would have every morning on her way to work. Due to the lack of quality bagel options in Shanghai, she decided to purchase a small oven for her one bedroom apartment and started mixing and boiling her own dough, only able to bake two bagels at a time.

Christine shared her bagels and spreads at first with her then students, improving the recipe each week. As word got out there was a new bagel maker in town, she soon had to get up at three in the morning to bake and deliver her orders before teaching five year olds. She literally Spread the Bagel herself from student to student then customer to customer. With her delicious bagels and enthusiasm, she won over the hearts of new and veteran bagel lovers, regardless where they were from.

Since 2010, Spread the Bagel has established itself as the premier artisanal bagel name in Shanghai. To this day Spread the Bagel is committed to serving only the best bagels, salmon, deli meats, coffee, and desserts whether they are made in-house or provided by the city’s best chefs and food operators. Over five years later, she’s proud to offer Shanghai a delicious piece of New York.

Spread the Bagel is QS-certified at its own factory and welcomes partnerships with 5-star hotels, bagel shops, grocery stores, retail chains, airlines, international schools, and cafés and restaurants. Spread the Bagel’s team consists of professional and experienced bagel makers who are following an old school New York recipe that has been tested and applauded by both locals, the Jewish community and New Yorkers alike.

Christine Asuncion
Californian by birth, New Yorker and bagel lover by heart
Founder of Spread the Bagel